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Nail art

New Nail art for this week. Theme is Catching a Rainbow Bouquet

Nail art

New Nail art for this week.

Nail Art

Nail art for this week, The theme Milky flowers and Night Sky.


Nail Art

New Nail art stickers, Here is this weeks Nail set.


Only She, Understands.

I've been in love with her, for quite some time. So perfectly she expresses, something of me, and understands, something of me.

Hyper Ballad
I Miss You


You've made me happy, comforted me in hard times, inspired me, when I most needed inspiration, sent me on wild escapings to my dreams, and now you've dazzled me and engulfed my senses in the most brilliant and spectacular array of light, sound, form and thousands of miniture confetti canaries and other exotic yellow birds.

You truly understand.


Today, It has never Happened..
It doesn't frighten me.

Nail art

A preview of the dress I was making for the night of Sweeney Todd, and the Nail art I wore for this evening in matching colours.

Nail art

Here is My 3rd Nail art Set. I used Diamontes, chain, and silver alfoil cut into strips.

Nail Art

My second set of Nails for the Year. I used Chains, Diamantes, and White hearts.

Nail art

My first set of Nail art ever, for the beginning of the year. New Years Day, I set up camp, cleaned, tidied, and sat down for my first Indulgence of the year. Nail Art. Using Real lace, I created this set of nails.


A Desiderata - New Years Resolution

This post, more or less is a desiderata, latin, for "Things to be desired", in some way, I guess you could call this my New years Resolution..It is about the right time to think of such things...after all.

After visiting a play recently, I was given a card with a quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Loving the quote so much, I purchased the book at once, and, over the last two days have been turning page by page. I have Never, been so engrossed and moved by written words alone Ever, before in my life. Only three chapters in, and I've uncovered so much about myself already, turning each page so quickly to read the next, I can honestly say, I have never been so inspired and excited more so and easier than I have been today.

I have come to realise what I want and what I need, and that they do not have to be separated, indeed they cannot be separated at the slightest, for everything I want is something that I need. Without indulging my soul I will become sick for need of want. I have always been sentimental and have a need for material possessions, If I don't yield into the temptation I have resisted through practicality and forbidden myself with, and live every dream and thought as a reality I'll be doomed to be just another regular alterationist or seamstress living an unglamorous and shallow life, selling their soul as much of them do for little or nothing, watching or listening to the awful television or radio stations. (eek)

It is not a sin to indulge I have hidden and lost my self for long enough, and now, I'm done with practicality! Practicality is such a bore, and has made me, and my clothes such a bore.

What good are clothes and inanimate and animate objects that are useful and practical, when your soul is not really experiencing & it's senses are not indulged?

To Hell with Practicality! I wish to be indulged;

Petticoats upon Petticoats
Corsets upon Chemise
Ribbons upon Fans
Handmade Lace upon Parasols
Ruffles of Exquisite Skirts
Ghosts within Trinkets
Shirred Bonnets with Bows
Blood Red Rouge on Porcelain Skin
Pastel Silk Headdresses with Glorious Glass Beads
Cages of Crinolines, and Farthingales
Noble NeckRuffs
Bustling Bustles and Gloves and mittens
Tea cosies and French Rococo Decor
Candle wax split on embroidered sleeves
Quills adorned with precious stones and Ink Stains on White Blouses
Embellished Pockets in cute aprons, An apron for each, household chore
Delicate warm coats with red braid trimming
Petite shoes with pompadour heals

To hell with practicality, I have no use for useful clothes, It is only the useless ones that i have a use for...for (All art is quite useless - O.W.) and my art, my passion, and medium, requires my soul indulged by layers, ruffles and aesthetically pleasing silhouettes, trimming and textures.

And, for evermore, will be, for everyday shall be a indulged, for everyday shall be admired, for everyday shall I give my souls' senses something new, and grand to experience, and for every day, ever project, every experience, photographed and documented as it was once before.

I am very excited.
~For every day from this day, it is and will be, finally, The Real Beginning of the Debut of Petticoats and Gallantry~

...And She Will, have her Debut!

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