Petticoats & Gallantry

by Mechanikal Rose

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Hey! I dont use live journal much your probably better to find me at myspace www.myspace.com/mechanikal_rose It's far better updated with interests and bits and pieces than on here. Love to talk/ add most people..most people being if they are friendly, modest, kind, cute! similar interests or you (or I) know you in real life.

As a general overview~
I was born in the wrong century. I can't stand modern life, technology (bar music) If I had my way I'd be thrown back 180 years or so, Rich or Poor Life I don't think I'd be to concerned as long as I wasn't treated immorally or as such...which even today is something that would (sadly) still be quite common. Where are the glass/corugated tin washboards of yesteryear? How about the amazing 1000 in 1 substances that cure and aide so much ie: Listerine, did you know Listerine is not only good for bad breath, but was also used for colds and sore throats, is an antiseptic for minor injuries and infectious dandruff? Who needs 1000 products when one will do all the jobs. Political correctness is insane. It's a blackboy for heavensake, not a grass tree. Also business procedures are ridculous..wastage and distressing of products. I want 1000 petticoats layered. I want crinolines, corsets and bustles, I want dramatic hairstyles that are ridiculous and rag curls everyday, I want parasols, lace and fans, Letter Writing and accomplishments in the arts-needlepoint, lacemaking, dressmaking, millinery and painting. Well spoken and agreeable folk to converse with and transport by horse drawn carriage and town balls. Sadly I missed the 1800's by at least 150 or so years, I don't llike my chances of seeing such a world in my lifetime. Next best bet, Delve into my world as much as I can, relish in the old arts, crafts, trades and lifestyle, With or without anyone..I know i'll wash my clothes on a washboard, wear petticoats and crinolines and Open my own town shope with my clothing label.

By the end of this year I hope to have launched the first few items of my label, Petticoats & Gallantry by Mechanikal Rose. Petticoats & Gallantry will solely lie within the designs of Lolita, and eventually into a variety of the differing Lolita and Aristocratic/Dandy Styles having garments suitable for both genders. Highly Influenced by historical fashions though 17th through to 19th century, also modern porcelian dolls, petticoats and Gallantry would like to inspire society to be more creative with their everyday wear and help the Lolita Culture and societies percieval of the Lolita culture to grow poistively in a beautiful and bright, shining light.

On that note, If any body was particuarly interested in P & G and would like to offer their aide or ideas, or would like some help on sewing, designing, patternmaking or sizing an item for their personal collection I'd be most delighted to offer my assistance. I'd also like offer my aide to anybody who might like to learn or needs help with any needle-point arts, embroidery, tatting, crochet, or learning the various lace-making techniques (bobbin lace my favourite).